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Popular Tennessee Fly Fishing Trips

Eastern Tennessee is home to some of the finest limestone tailwater rivers and high mountain elevation cold water creeks in the entire eastern United States. Tennessee rivers have been consistently producing some of the healthiest populations of wild Brown, Brook and Rainbow Trout that our fly fishing angler clients catch in the 7" to 28" range. We have the knowledge and know exactly where to go, exactly what to use and when to go catch these wild trout. That's why you are hiring a professional guide.

Listed are rivers/stream name, rivers fishing distance, location, guide trip offered, description and what to expect.


Watauga River, 15+ miles, Elizabethton, TN              Full Day Float Trip


The Watauga headwaters creeks originate at over 5200' on the north west slopes of Calloway Peak near Foscoe, North Carolina. The Watauga gathers its cold clear waters on its 20 plus mile run north west into Watauga Lake  in Tennessee from small feeder creeks like Valley Creek, Moody Mill Creek and Boone Fork Creek off the Blue Ridge Parkway elevations. The Watauga River tailrace is born below Wilbur Dam impoundment lake. The Watauga River tailrace runs for 15 miles or so below Wilbur Dam impoundment until it enters Boone Lake outside of Elizabethton, TN. The Watauga tailrace is a World Class Blue Ribbon trout river. Wild Brown & Rainbow trout can be caught here in the 10" to 20" range, these wild fish are strong, smart and can tug a line. The Watauga fishes very well year round but tends to have the peak trout fishing in late March thru May and October during its Mayfly, Sulphur & Drake hatch periods. I recommend this river for intermediate fly fishers.


South Holston River, 13+ miles, Bristol, TN Full Day Wade Trip & Full Day Float Trip


The South Holston headwaters originate in southwestern Virginia north of Marion, VA after collecting dozens of mountain & foothill feeder creeks far to the north of Holston Lake.  The South Holston River tailrace is born below South Holston Lake Dam at the Tennessee and Virginia borders. The tailrace waters stay at a fairly even cold temperature year round due to the TVA hydo-generation water being released from the bottom of South Holston Lake. The cold clean and highly oxygenated water coupled with the limestone river bed create a perfect environment for trout habitat. The limestone assists the water in maintaining a perfect ph level for maximum aquatic plant life growth that attracts & sustains riverborne insects...aka trout chow. The river is renown for it prolific Sulphur Dunn hatches. The "SoHo" tailrace is a World Class Blue Ribbon trout river with healthy populations of wild Brown trout and Rainbow trout. The Rainbows are serious line tuggers and leapers, known as Soho Rockets. The Rainbow trout average 8" to 16" range with an occasional fish exceeding 20". The Brown trout are the prize of the South Holston, the average wild Brown trout is 13" to 16" range and its common to catch huge trophy Browns in excess 26" to 30"at night. The South Holston fishes fantastic year round, some of the peak months are March and April. My favorite time for fishing the South Holston is October, November, December, January, February. Certain areas of the river are closed during the Brown trout spawning season in late Fall.


Beaverdam Creek, 17+ miles, Shady Valley, TN          Full Day Wade Trip

The Beaverdam is a classic fly fishing wilderness small stream, meandering through the forest, shaded with forest growth, shallow, fast with hundreds of rocky runs and small plung pools, riffles and pocket water. What a treat this Beaverdam is to fish for wild Brook & Rainbow trout. To get to the best holding locations the river requires substantial amounts of hike in fly fishing and rock hopping, not for the faint of heart. The river fished great year round. I recommend this river for the advanced fly fishing angler and a sturdy wader. I've caught wild Rainbows and Brook trout in the 7" to 12" range hear, very healthy trout ecosystem. I would also recommend doing a half day wade on the South Holston and combine it with a half day wade on the Beaverdam for a full day trip.


Abrams Creek, 7+ miles, Cades Cove, TN      Overnight Camping & Full Day Wade

Abrams Creek runs right through the heart of Cades Cove valley in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park offers over 2100 miles of streams & creeks and Abrams is one of the best. A beautiful fly fishing limestone creek with some of the healthiest populations of wild Rainbow trout in its upper reaches. Plan to do some back country hiking and spend a full day on this creek. Wildlife and scenery is very picturesque setting and I recommend Fall or Spring trip. Wild Rainbow trout in the 6" to 12" range can he had on drys and nymphs.